11 images People like Kyrre Lien are helping tell these stories visually, often using the newest technology. A photographer from Norway, he uses still images, video and 360 video, and has covered the children on the frontlines in Ukraine for Al Jazeera and Norwegian TV sensation SKAM for the New York Times. To protect this top-notch content are people like Jenny Wolfram, a Finnish lawyer and the founder of BrandBastion. She noticed that as many companies take to the digital worldand social media in particularthey become more susceptible to spam, hate speech, piracy and racism. Wolframs VC-backed company built software to protect content and ad performance on social media, and in the past year, alone, it has seen its revenue double and achieved a positive cash flow. Sam Bentley and Liam Harrington, the founders of Unilad, hope to use the massive network they've created to share knowledge about issues such as homelessness and male suicide. (Photo courtesy of Bentley and Harrington) Embracing social media is another commonality of listees, as social platformscontinue to change the way consumers read, shop and relate to the world. Influencer Marketing Agency, founded by Maddie Raedts and Emilie Tabor of The Netherlands, capitalizes on that by working with a network of 7,500 bloggers, bloggers and social influencers to create campaigns for brands, including DKNY, Sony, LOreal and Bacardi. With the rise of social media, the influencer marketing phenomenon was so new and brands did not know where to place this in the full marketing funnel, says Raedts. Luckily, the two of them did: The companys annual revenue figure is between 5 and 10 million euros, and it has a revenue growth rate of 200%, year-over-year. These are just a handful of Europes youngest and brightest in the media and marketing worlds.

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Topics To Consider With Deciding Upon Major Elements Of Online Marketing

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