3. HTML/CSS Many marketing roles involve writing--whether its sales pages or blog posts. Being familiar with HTML at the very least will expedite the process of getting that content on the site and looking good. Plus, Vadino adds that it makes cross-team communication much smoother: While I've never had to write code as a marketer, understanding the basics makes conversations across teams so much easier. 4. WordPress (or related CMS) Tying in with the above, blogging and publishing content is key for marketing. Therefore, as a marketer in 2017, knowing how to get around a content management system (CMS) is crucial. WordPress is one of the largest--to the point where it actually runs 27% of the entire Internet (nearly 16 million sites)--so starting there is your best bet. The good news is once you understand how to get around one CMS, its not tricky to get around another. 5. Video Online video marketing (including the new darling, live video) is invoked by many marketing professionals as the future of the field.

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Fast Programs For Video Marketing In The Uk

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